Terry Whitebread ( Cheshunt IBC )


Presidents Message


 It is an honour and privilege to be able to represent Hertfordshire Indoor Bowls Association for the second time as President in the forthcoming season and I will do my best to make sure that the traditions of the County are upheld during my term of office.

My sincere thanks to the Cheshunt Indoor Bowls Club in recommending me for this appointment and for the help and support of all my County colleagues in making sure the County continues to succeed.

 Iím looking forward to working and bowling with you all to make this an enjoyable and successful Season for the County.

 It is important to remember that we are an Association of Clubs relying on the support of all the members, so please continue to nominate for the County Matches whenever you can. If you think you arenít good enough, you obviously havenít seen some of us bowling !

 Finally may I wish you all the best of health and good fortune in 2017-18 and may all your bowls run true.

 Terry Whitebread        April 2017